Feb 5, 2008

Alright then

It has been raining or snowing or both since Monday night when it didn't snow, it only rained and rained hard, with thunder and lightning and dogs and cats and Montagues and Capulets too.

I felt like sticking my head out my open window that night and yelling THANK YOU EARTH AND HEAVENLY POWERS FOR THIS BLESSED GALE because it had been so long since it was warm and nighttime and raining all at the same time.

Of course I didn't do that because there are certain things that do and do not improve my status of fruity in this house, and shouting maniacally into the night is one of the latter sort.

But though I don't try to aggravate it, I don't mind my reputation much because it means I can neglect daily hairbrushing and/or dance in my underwear to Gershwin whenever I want and no one thinks more than twice about it.

Not that I do that.

Not that I don't do that.

So anyway....

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