Nov 27, 2006

While it lasts

The falling leaves drift by the window,
the autumn leaves of red and gold

the days grow long and soon I'll hear
Old winter's song

Johnny Mercer

Nov 10, 2006

E.P. - 19 yrs old - '06

I would gift wrap all the presents
friendly things the world it has
if I could.

Even to send a folded thought
an envelope that holds
a wish for you

is what I wish.

Where could I send it?

But perhaps I can smile a smile
and hug a hug.
I'll send them off,
and they will know exactly where to go
to find you and tell you
my wish:

That you always see light
and are loved as you love.
And never looking back,
never forget.

Hold onto His hand
and hold onto his.
And in case you ever need it
mine's always here too.


Happy birthday, L
Times find me wishing I was there or you were here,
Love always,