Jan 31, 2007


Today for the first time, my fingers paused in Valse and I had that incredible feeling - that incredible thought - I'm getting this!!!

let us go Singing

Let us go singing as far as we go - the road will be less tedious. Virgil

the green room

In the upstairs of my grandmother's big house in Ankeny there was a room I loved. The Green Room, as everyone called it, because that's exactly what it was - everything in the little white room was that Colour - blankets, lamp, curtains, carpet, paintings, plants - some the deep shade like forests, some brighter, some softer; Jade and kelly, forest and beryl - all verdant... there was an alive feeling there and although I was little I would sometimes retreat; drawn to the shaded calm of a vital escape.

Jan 19, 2007

The W's Collective Combat

Once I photocopied a bunch of K's writing sheets, to keep or look at or write on sometime on my own. They each have a different subject on the top, a writing prompt. Today I found the one "Things I Like to Think About". And we all contributed to fill up this page with well, things we like to think about, and things we like to do, or things we've wished for. To battle negativity and bad stuff.

This is what we came up with, and I just love it.

baby animals

Jack Sparrow's sing-song "I gotta jar of diiirt, and guess what's inside it!!!"

oak trees & fallen logs

imagining being a great pianist (I didn't say this)

clouds and the blue between

Flower from
baseball season's Opening Day, April 1, '07

warm wind

music that inspires

A land where school is optional

the smell of rain

being a great adventurer


the perfect horse

seeing the world from space without actually having to go to Space

cool breeze

having a great black Grand piano, a Steinway maybe, or a Baldwin



the strikeout of Brandon Inge to end the '06 World Series


silver-white winters melting into Springs

little league baseball

Grandpa Jack

thinking of what other people might be doing at this very minute


Anthony Reyes' socks

hot chili
singing in the rain

cozy fires

hot cocoa


visits to Holly's house

red sweaters


soul & motown

birds, especially red ones


peanut butter with Oreos


Perhaps to be continued.

M, O, C, S, W, R, the other C, and K

Jan 16, 2007

Bitterly beautiful

Too many cars wrecked and ruined to pass on the roads coming Home
and now they say 55 dead in 9 states
and hundreds of thousands without power.

so why is it so
pretty when the sun shines?

Jan 11, 2007

Grandpa Jack stays out west with his sister and daughter for a good part of the winter that make him sad. Going with my Mum to stay with her mom for a few days... ready to take a tackle at her house nightmare, hoping to help, hoping even to see Uncle Kurt... hoping for no snow in Des Moines and no winter for Jack.

God bless baby sisters

I keep this hidden in my daunting collection of notebooks... re-hiding again after every time I read it... because I can't say the feeling it gives me to find it.

Picture a rumpled sheet of torn-out note paper, with the nicest big & squiggly 10-year-old handwriting, punctuated by scratch-outs and mess-ups and mostly love.

Christiana Alycianne's Storytelers License

I Michaelana Betheny W grant Christiana this license wich grant her the ability to stretch the truth in story and ambellish to so long as it serves the purpose of Truth and Imaginatina.

Presiom [Permission] x ____Michaela______

Person to give to x_______Christiana______


She has one too, now, and I have one and you have one and one day we will all compose our stories, pen our adventures, and draw our dreams; may we send them to a weeping world so they may, if only once, love and laugh and dance in wonderment with us.


Jan 8, 2007


Dvorak once said, "Mozart is sweet sunshine."

I always thought so too.

Jan 5, 2007

Not so bad

It's not so bad being sick when you can answer "I drank it all" to the question of where all the peppermint tea went and can take naps a lot while wearing your Mum's warm sweater that smells like her.

She feels your forehead and says, "I wish you felt better" and then, right then, you do.