Mar 25, 2007

Kind of like this

I dropped and hurt the camera's feelings and lens last week; until Reparations are made, I can't properly record Spring as it arrives in the W's corner of Missoo.

But this is from some Day in a sort of Winterland -

Imagine, if you will, this. Only greener, taller, and so happy.

Mar 14, 2007

What's Inside

A fascination for taking things apart excludes not my Spinet piano -

Mar 11, 2007

A comet in '97

So vividly I can remember standing out in the old street, gazing up at Hale-Bopp: snowballing through Infinity as it seemed, slowing long enough to take a little hand and nurture a so very young sense of wonder. My first memory of ever looking at the Sky - I have been trying to touch a Star ever since - tracing Constellations; someday, to connect the dots and "dance on tightropes in between"
Maybe it's strange, but I find it much easier to accept that the Comet won't return for millennia than to believe that that night was a full decade ago.

Mar 2, 2007

How silly to miss a dog

Bear; n. Singular.

1) always perked up by the word "walk"

2) always joined in at Rally Time

3) always understood positively Everything.