Mar 2, 2007

How silly to miss a dog

Bear; n. Singular.

1) always perked up by the word "walk"

2) always joined in at Rally Time

3) always understood positively Everything.


Jas said...

How lovely to miss him...I lost Butchie, a German Shep we had since puppyhood, and when Dad brought him home he looked so much like a bear cub..Years later we moved out of Caroline to Ga. and when Butchie was killed on the road...not being used to traffic...I was sitting on the front porch steps when he was killed....I screamed. At Suynday School I seriously asked Mrs. Starkey did dogs go to heaven and she said, "When we go to heaven we have all our friends including dogs."

Justice said...

it's not silly. I miss all of my dogs and cats. Squeaky probley the most... funny, i found myself telling her to shut up last night in my sleep. i wish nothing more than to just pick her up again, and hearing her purr.

Jas said...

In Ireland we had a cat what birthed 3 kits...her first litter...the Babes were born in the press...means Wardrobe...We was asleep and then heard this squealing...the newborn calico kit had rolled to the carpet and yeah, Squeeled and woke us up...henceforth she was Squealer...such an affectionate cat.

Jas said...

Squealer was fairly atonal in her insistant, persistant squeal...but she was wealthy in her body languga, her gutterals, her rubbing and purring.

Jas said...

When the Missis and Me (sic) were snuggleled to the Rosie Turf Fire, just a glowing as it were, and exhaling the taste of Irish Whisky, and inhaling the smoke of the turf, and we was pert well spent or just glowing or full of the Anticipation, we'd betimes lean into each other and touch our heads together, till we quit and us all covered in hair.