Feb 23, 2007

Miss Cheevous

As a little one, I was the shyest of the Shy and rarely the most animated one in playing with my siblings - that is, evidently, until the day this photo was taken - my Mum says it's her favorite picture every time she sees it and we laugh. That day, I was the loudest, laughing, dressed-up-in-a-leotard-by-my-fashionable-sister clown I think I have ever been and ever will be again.

Feb 19, 2007

somewhere in my Imagine nation there is a clinic to treat all who wish to be rid of their small aches and pains, their little lows and blues; and the only prescription ever given is taking walks, and a little exploration every day.

If there's one thing I'm not

E-versations with Lauren in Hawaii ~

L: You sound crabby. Are you crabby?

C: Incredibly so. How could you tell?

L: You're just so predictable.

Feb 16, 2007

Snowed in and out

it seems like I've had the same thought for ever:
I am profoundly tired of winter -
but it will snow again tonight, and I will keep my tejas blanket near for warmth,
read chapter 5 of Wuthering Heights and
search a windowpane for a star on which I can wish - for Springtime to
oh please hurry!!


To add to a collection of words that I grow fonder of every day: Tejas - other than of course being the Spanish name of Texas, it means "those who are friends" in Caddo; and in Sanskrit tejas is radiance, light, or fire.

It does not require many words to speak the truth --

Feb 14, 2007

well, I went out

Because it's Valentine's Day, and because I could.

Feb 10, 2007

let her advise you

"Usually people that play the piano go crazy"

- Wisdom from a sister; 'out of the mouths of babes'

Feb 6, 2007

A wish I never sent

my father
I wished for you to know that a hug can mean more
than a lesson in Theology - that a Smile would be more true than your explanation of what Love is - and that all the Words you ever spoke remain meaningless until you Laugh.

I wished you
to know that all are not perfect, and I can never be.
In your orderly helter-skelter, might there be no room for my

probable fallibility -

I wished you would know that OK doesn't always mean OK when I say it's how I am;

Ask me a question - only one, so I would know.

I wished you to know that the loss you

can cause is deeper than all you blindly stand sentinel against.
Most of all, I
wished and still do -
that you would know I still love you.

Feb 5, 2007


Friendship is born at that moment when
one person says to another,
what! you too? I thought
I was the only one.

CS Lewis

I believe we are kindred, related
by pledge to Promises, Songs and
Which is all never enough to say in my stumbling voice
thank you Catherine.

Feb 3, 2007

Grieving vanity

For some days I've had a long sounding something-itis - the result of which affects most noticeably my Eyes, making it a little hard to read and harder to focus on a computer screen for long.

I don't know which is worse: that, or the way
it makes me look as if I had been weeping for days, even if I smile.