Jun 23, 2011

Love conquers


My prayers are scooped up and gently sealed with you.
A year underground and not a whisper from my heart
Not a murmur from the part of me
That left with you.

My memories have been laid bare with the stars.
Dead heroes, ancient scars, the laughter of kings
We warred the same things

Silent, fallen, tears, ash.
Is this how it will go down?
What you were
Was not mine.
The order of succession was confused
And you have received no crown.

I have knelt in the night before lions that speak your name.
Taunting and furious to unbury the lies in their throats,
They circle. They come and go.
I sleep in peace.

Our battle was not new.
Our lessons have been learned.

Of death, in life.
Of life, in death.

O soul unsaved.
O one not won.
O lost.

Love conquers us, or we are conquered.

Standing before a blank sea, face toward a brightening sail.
It is too much to fight and I drop my weapons in the sand.