Mar 14, 2007

What's Inside

A fascination for taking things apart excludes not my Spinet piano -


Justice said...

lol. it's interesting to see what is inside things. and you take awsome pictures, how do you do it?

Christina said...

I think it's that I am just surrounded by beautiful stuff.

Tai said...

The writer Ken Kesey had an old accordion when he was a kid. One day he and his brother took it apart. Here's what he wrote:

"We got into all the valves and bellows and everything, and there, stuck in a corner, we found a piece of paper, a sign, and it said: "WHAT THE HELL YOU LOOKING IN HERE FOR, DAISY MAE?"

"Well, I achieved some sort of satori right there--knowing that somebody had sometime, a very long while ago, gone in there and put that sign in the accordion, and he's betting all the time that someday somebody's going to come along and find it."