Jan 11, 2007

God bless baby sisters

I keep this hidden in my daunting collection of notebooks... re-hiding again after every time I read it... because I can't say the feeling it gives me to find it.

Picture a rumpled sheet of torn-out note paper, with the nicest big & squiggly 10-year-old handwriting, punctuated by scratch-outs and mess-ups and mostly love.

Christiana Alycianne's Storytelers License

I Michaelana Betheny W grant Christiana this license wich grant her the ability to stretch the truth in story and ambellish to so long as it serves the purpose of Truth and Imaginatina.

Presiom [Permission] x ____Michaela______

Person to give to x_______Christiana______


She has one too, now, and I have one and you have one and one day we will all compose our stories, pen our adventures, and draw our dreams; may we send them to a weeping world so they may, if only once, love and laugh and dance in wonderment with us.



Justice said...

Aww. where do i sign?

Christina said...

Presiom x _Knightess Christiana_____

Person to give to
x __Lady Catherain of the Royal State of Mizzou___

So let it be... and stuff.

Jas said...