Jan 19, 2007

The W's Collective Combat

Once I photocopied a bunch of K's writing sheets, to keep or look at or write on sometime on my own. They each have a different subject on the top, a writing prompt. Today I found the one "Things I Like to Think About". And we all contributed to fill up this page with well, things we like to think about, and things we like to do, or things we've wished for. To battle negativity and bad stuff.

This is what we came up with, and I just love it.

baby animals

Jack Sparrow's sing-song "I gotta jar of diiirt, and guess what's inside it!!!"

oak trees & fallen logs

imagining being a great pianist (I didn't say this)

clouds and the blue between

Flower from
baseball season's Opening Day, April 1, '07

warm wind

music that inspires

A land where school is optional

the smell of rain

being a great adventurer


the perfect horse

seeing the world from space without actually having to go to Space

cool breeze

having a great black Grand piano, a Steinway maybe, or a Baldwin



the strikeout of Brandon Inge to end the '06 World Series


silver-white winters melting into Springs

little league baseball

Grandpa Jack

thinking of what other people might be doing at this very minute


Anthony Reyes' socks

hot chili
singing in the rain

cozy fires

hot cocoa


visits to Holly's house

red sweaters


soul & motown

birds, especially red ones


peanut butter with Oreos


Perhaps to be continued.

M, O, C, S, W, R, the other C, and K

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