Feb 6, 2008

such breakable girls and boys

There has been a fog for a while. The left side of my forehead is persistently and gently throbbing, deep in the very spot I dreamed in last night a weird dream about a tower, a man, a boy, snowy footprints and a great dead bird. I slept all night and have been tired all day again. I did get the refrigerator clean, finding all sorts of petrified things and then I fell asleep a few minutes ago sitting in Flash's favorite chair drifting in and out and then my eyes opened and I saw through the window the limbs of the tallest trees in the woods swaying against the snow white sky. In that moment for possibly the first time ever I didn't have a single thought in my mind.

Elsewhere, K is apparently sleepwalking now. Olivia's woken twice to find her standing by her bed with her pillow and possessions clutched close, ready to evacuate the house into the safety of night time. When you are a little one sometimes fright passes in an hour's time. Sometimes it doesn't.

I noticed yesterday that Blogger decided to eat my profile photo which I didn't find flattering, and then I noticed today it was back which is oddly not comforting. I also noticed it is Ash Wednesday. I think I could give up winter, snow and bad feelings for Lent. It'd be a sacrifice but I could do it.

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