Sep 26, 2006

September evening

I hardly know what to say, being so overwhelmed with the angels that I call my friends. Every prayer, word, and thought about my family is appreciated more than you can know. I am blessed beyond belief. We're going to be alright.

Going to class in about an hour, but right now looking out the windows at Missouri September. I hope it gets cold again soon, so all the trees start changing. A few have. One of the silver maples on the drive, the one that's still a baby is all dressed up fiery red. The one across from it was planted at the same time and grew faster and bigger, but it's still green and doesn't hold a candle to that red. Then there's a tree pretty near the house that I think may be an ash, but don't know enough about trees to be sure. But I know it's turned the most brilliant yellow, the only other tree to change that much yet around here. I climbed it today for no reason at all (barefootin'!) and it was the cheeriest place in the world then, sun on golden leaves. Flash thought I was very odd, smiling down at him from up there, and dropping leaves on him, one by one. Not everybody understands everything, you know.

George Gershwin's birthday today. The words to the last song he ever wrote have been going through my mind all day.

It's very clear
Our love is here to stay
Not for a year
But ever and a day

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Jas said...

Born and raised in Trees... from Which wee small silver acorns grow Way Mighty Qaks...It is an Ash in Our world... the Golden Apples not Droppin...Just drifting to Flash and Splash...the Smile of Songs Autumnclad... the Shelter in the Hut bethatched....the Winter of The Stories...we share thimbles of The wisest dew and Dream of Times Sooo Ancient...New