Sep 20, 2006


How is it? asked him. Not good, he says. He's always tired now and sometimes his breathing comes hard, with so much coughing...
with every one my heart aches a bit and asks why him? I would carry it for him and whatever else it is too... that he would breathe great big breaths of wonderful air, and smile a lot, and that he would be close. You have to teach me still -- teach me to hit the other way, teach me to be strong like you but not afraid to cry, teach me the simple answer to my thousand questions, and how it's not doing things that's important but most of all believing things.

We all have to hold on to believing things.

oh hold on.


Jas said...

Omg all of me is praying Him (your Da) maybe my Da too and please keep beleiving.

Jas said...

Still praying for your Dad Spar and beleiving...God Bless all of you.
Your Dear Friend,

Christina said...

Thanks doesn't seem like enough, but it's really from my heart... thank you.
believing always.

Justice said...

i'm prayin too.

Jessie said...

I'll believe with you, and pray with you, dear.

Christina said...

Love you all, so much.