Sep 9, 2006

Kayla came on a walk down the road with me a few days ago, and we talked about the most lovely things that we want. How she thought it would be so neat to have a grove of little trees, "like that one" there, and a little house in the middle for some exotic animals to live in and around and we'd let the tigers out sometimes but make sure they don't eat the nearby cows. (I don't know where she gets this stuff but I wouldn't trade listening to it for all the kingdoms in the world.) And how she wanted to fly in an airplane some time above the clouds to see what it's like and I said I'd love that too, but mentally thought who needs a plane? And how when it's winter and snowed we're going to explore everywhere around here that we haven't been. Especially those woods over here and that little broken down shack over there. Why when it's winter, you ask? Because there's no bugs, snakes, or poison ivy to hinder and exploring is best when wearing hats and scarves or don't you know anything. I can't remember ever looking forward to winter as I do now. Thanks to some inspiration from friends and the company of a little girl.

Happy autumn.

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jessie said...

You have the most beautiful mind.