Apr 11, 2008

About where I have been and where I am going

I have reached a point in my troubled adolescent life where there is an awful lot of troubling adolescent things happening. There, that should do it. Now that you're all here I will confess this post is really about bunnies. Some cottontails in particular, whose cozy home the PaterFamilias ran over with his tractor on Sunday, making us all staunch supporters of the 4th Commandment and leaving us with three brown shy orphans -

This is Stretch who was the first to peer out of his box

and this is Squash who likes to eat clover while perched on top of the head of


Skitty, who does not like to have his picture taken.

All names are preliminary of course and subject to change without notice since no one probably would notice because half the time we can't tell the critters apart anyway. It's actually gotten really humorous around here because 2 days ago the rabbits were almost torn to pieces with sympathetic caretakers wanting to be the first to feed them, and then this morning I heard the 13 year old yell KAYLA YOU HAVEN'T FED THE BUNNIES YET and K answer why don't you feed the bunnies for once, I ALWAYS do it and Con replied FINE, LET THEM DIE

So mostly I feed the rabbits now

And I think I love them.

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Aethelflaed said...

Oh, they are adorable!