Apr 11, 2008

Here I am

in my pj's, in the morning, in the proceedings of watching the sky through the windows while tending my tender wrist and scratching where I have what appears to be poison ivy, which I do not wonder at since I accepted years ago that I am one of the few blessed people on earth who can get instant poison ivy year round just by thinking about green and leafy things.
It is windy. Excuse me. That is what we call an understatement. It is really windy. It whatever it may be is reckless flat out breakneck super-de-duper crack the whip windy, and I am ok with it because I like wind when it is warm and even though this is by no means warm I am indoors where the cold wind is not blowing and can't hurt me though I think it did break a window. But that window had it coming. It was like rattle rattle bang rattle CHINK. I feel restlessness that grows like the sounds, nowhere to go much too cold out. It might rain. Again. Which would make it about three hundred agains over our rainfall at this point last year, but then, last year was a drought year. Feast or famine, say the wise ones while the rest of us nod sagely wondering, do they sell an antacid for this sort of thing. I would turn on the Weather Channel to see if it is indeed going to rain but every time I watch it there is always this one woman that speaks and all I can hear is blouyeyeyeyeyeyeye and this other man that calls my state Miss Horey and I usually end up getting really insulted.

Oh hi!


Aethelflaed said...

What does the weather channel really know anyway?

Christina said...

Hey Jess, how's things in Why Homing?