Mar 12, 2008

Believe me, I heard it

straight from the trees and the field on the hill. They are back, the birds. I walked three times around the water smiling at the ones with the liquid voices. Redwings, ko ka leee, "they come to melt the ice with their song", said Thoreau and there are robins too and geese flying home.

It's spring it's spring it's spring.

It's a shame no one will bother to notice it for at least nine days.


Aethelflaed said...

"Rough winds to shake the darling buds of May..." I wonder what Wyoming spring is like. So far my only hint is a gradual warming period, punctuated by snow flurries, and catching the sound of geese through the window in the shower, only to find they've already passed by the time I'm dry again.

Christina said...

If that happened to me I would probably be running out to see them Eureka-style, if you take my meaning. I really love geese now. The last flock I saw was when I was mucking out the horse barn on a rainy day and I heard their sound and clumped out to the field with my boots and pitchfork and there were so many, big waves of them and close and noisy too. And long after they were gone I stood smiling up into the clouds, knee-deep in horse manure.

Jas said...

O Hi...Jessikins...I just seeing iffin I can log in here and all lak.

Christina said...

tis the Boy!!!!