Mar 21, 2008

All twitterpated

I think spring makes me crazy. It's different and much much better than winter crazies, it's crazy in a really nice way but still. I think weird things. Thoughts of sweet baby animals parade around my head and I want a few of everything. I want a rabbit and puppies and ducklings in the pond. I want a garden. I think it's not a waste of time to talk to the tomato seedlings and tell them it won't be long. I think I'm in love. I feel weird things. I feel flirty and flustered. I'm giddy. I'm all jumpy. I'm confused. I feel selfish because all of these sentences start with I. I'm serious about the rabbit and puppies and ducklings thing though. I wouldn't even mind chickens, there I said it. Hollands and Dominiques and Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks and Pan Fry Special (This is not an actual breed of chicken but was on a sign attached to a cage of some little happily peeping chicks I saw in the farm store yesterday, a sign which I read out loud with all the horror of a child born in the city.) As soon as I am not poor student saving for college I think I will get a rabbit. A soft and brown eyed one and he will probably love me. I had a rabbit once but I don't think she loved me. Oh she pretended to alright but she couldn't fool me. But in retrospect, this neglect might have went both ways seeing as one summer day I went away from home all day and left her in her barn cage which was about 347° and when I came home... To spare you the graphic details let's just say I promise this time if I get a rabbit I will try my hardest not to roast him. I will probably be much older and more responsible by that time anyway. Though you never ever know.


runnerfrog said...

Did you eat it crying like Homer ate Mr. Pinchy the lobster?

Aethelflaed said...

I like rabbits. Tasty. :)