Jan 5, 2008


The man in the photo is Daniel
family and foreign at the same time to us as kids, the black tall man who was afraid of the littlest snake we laughed at him and loved him we loved him and he loved us. love with racing chasing screaming running on our new ground to the new woods where we were safe for sure; he would never ever step in the woods - the woods meant snakes. And when we were inside he would ask for Fur Elise, always for the Beethoven and I would giggle and say I don't know the whole thing yet and play it anyway on the little keys in those the pre Spinet days.
I remember so much. now I fear.
We emailed him four days ago: still there has been nothing and I tell myself all the reasons he can't write he can't check it he is in a safe place, my mind says over and over failing to relieve my hands that play Fur Elise every night and heart that wants so much to tell him I learned it, I learned the whole thing after he left and if only he someday promises to come back I would play it a thousand times.


runnerfrog said...

Keep playing Fur Elise, so love may guide his path back and out of the woods of violence.

The other C.

Christina said...

Keep being the other C, that keeps me steady and going on.