Jul 16, 2008

I straightened up with flowers in both my hands when I realized, I am happy.

It is a watermelon day and the sun is unhurried. It is an ice cream day. It is a wildflower day. Most importantly it is. I've found out something about myself which is amazing which is that I am not afraid. And I am not sad. Not careless. But not sad.
I think whenever I need to wherever I am I can come back here, to right here where I have been firmly planted, with the trees by the water.
It is healthy they say to get feelings out. Right now I feel like a rocking chair which is nice. So I'll only let a little of that out and keep the rest. I am only writing because I am aware. The Paterfamilias just got his new generator and is carrying it back and forth with the tractor like Kiddy does with his toy when you give him a toy and he's not sure what to do with it. Flash is Kiddy. Kiddy is jealous of Puppy. Puppy is sprawled sleeping. So far we are calling Puppy, Puppy. Names for her are hovering - what do you think?


runnerfrog said...

If I'd have a whit dog named Flash, the black one should be Thunder :-D But it's too geeky to be calling your dogs Thunder! Flash! like in WWII.

Or Eightball.

Christina said...

Did I ever tell you Flash's first name was Thunder?

You should know geeky never stopped me before but using an already discarded title, now that ain't right.

Eightball, now...

Aethelflaed said...

Lucy? :)