Jun 18, 2008


Today against my better judgment we learned p and f, playing quietly and LOUDLY. We are still very much into notereading and I was afraid of any other distraction before, before but I thought, he won't last long with so much same, so I showed him the letters and what they meant. Right after this I was terrified not knowing how to explain how they meant what they meant, how do you entrust just like that the words forte or pianissimo to someone so unlarge. But I didn't have to, and should have known.
P, he said before I could explain, is peace.
And Forte means to play loudly. This one took a moment until he brightened and he said, funny! Like laughing really LOUD! And then he did.


Now I promise, I promise I will quit talking about him for an entire whole week.


runnerfrog said...

Why is that needed?

Christina said...

To let the rest out, of course.

Aethelflaed said...

That is incredibly cute! And rather profound...I'm always amazed by the revelations that small children have.