May 6, 2008

To whom it concerns

I once was lost.

Now I am found.

Eventually I will know how to write about what came in between.


runnerfrog said...

Of course, the interesting part is the hardest to write.

In the case of a story, the beginning and the end always reveal themselves to me, but not what happens between the starting point and the finish line. There are writers who say that they don’t work this way, that for them the beginning is sufficient, later they look for the best ending, the best solution. I know the beginning and the end, and I have to figure out what happens between them for the story itself, and I can be wrong. So I have to start again when I realize this.

One has to see what truth there is in this whole process; if not, it would be very tedious.

J. L. Borges, at one interview.

Aethelflaed said...

You'll find words. You always seem to be able to phrase things that most people don't even dream about.