May 22, 2008

Sick day

My throat was burning when I woke up. I'm still in what I wore to sleep which is most of what I wore yesterday too, so from my head to my toes I look like trash. I'm not leaving the house so I can't care much. It doesn't matter if my eyes are redrimmed from pollen or tears. They both come suddenly, artless and natural this time of year. It rained half the night. It's raining now. I know because a minute ago I stood out on the grass in my bare feet watching the west. I forgot for a while that I feel awful, it is so incredible to be outside on a morning when all you can smell are blossoms and thunder.

1 comment:

runnerfrog said...

Happy sick day! :-P
I have the flu and didn't thought in taking the day off, something is wrong with me, aside natural stupidity.
May be the pleasure of infecting my lovely coworkers blinded me. What a nice person I am.