May 20, 2008

The little boy and I had our second lesson last night. I'd had this sick feeling more than before the first one, this time having no time to be ready. We got through it somehow. I don't know which of us is having a harder time, equal suffering I expect. We're not sure if we like each other yet. But in certain ways we empathize. This obviously could be a very bad thing for his development's sake. Example: he says I hate practicing. I say, me too. Of course I don't say it out loud, I say we're almost there and he wants to know when we can go outside and I try to push a little piece of learning just one more into his ears and then slowly begin to say OK we're fin-- I'LL BEAT YOU TO THE TREE he busts through the door, is gone.

We race between them up and down the lawns while our mums talk. I wear out between the 2nd and 3rd maple after working all day and he keeps running and running and running and running. I swear he is that pink rabbit with the drum, I have him for a piano student and I can't keep up. Waiting patiently, for something quieter to click, a like a love for the sounds. For music.


As an aside, I have been dreaming that people are searching for me. Before these few nights I hadn't dreamed in probably about a hundred years. I don't know if they are good or bad people or why they want to find me. I just know that I don't want them to.
So alrighty then and goodbye for now. I am presently supposed to be working.

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Aethelflaed said...

I took piano lessons in the second grade...while the rest of my class was at recess. I empathize with both of you!