Apr 18, 2008

Yet unshaken

Christina, would you get up how can you be in bed at nine in the morning we couldn't get back to sleep at all after the earthquake.

eh? the what?

Oh that's what the hubbub was at 4 AM. I wasn't paying attention. I'd only gotten two hours of sleep. 5.2 on the Richter, 150 miles away.
I never felt a thing.
I thought they were making it up at the time.
I'm all bummed out now.

But then there was the aftershock at 10 am. My second chance. Wide awake. No excuse.
So, um, what's you people's problem? Can't you feel that? Feel what? That? What?
Is there a cause for concern here? Do I just have a natural unbalance that cancels out the effects of moving terrain? Or do I simply float? Or am I too used to being buffeted?

The little jokester inside is trying to comfort me in my disappointment.
He says, if you missed it, it's not your fault. [JOKESTER PAUSES EXPECTANTLY] FAULT don't you get it FAULT, gahahahahaheeehooo


I'm going outside.

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