Apr 12, 2008

Things that happened today

1) I registered for classes at U. More importantly I got to sit in Hyperactive Band Director's office for a full ten minutes and it was so full of mess and clutter and music and musical things and a dark friendly piano and beautiful shambles of obsession and he gave me a handshake and a book to borrow and left me breathless in awe of pure eccentric energy.


2) I remembered I accidentally left my Notebook at a church 60 miles away and that there are too many scribbly and unguarded things in there, some of which, as I recall, are not exactly church material, for it to be left alone so long. Someone must have found it by now. The weird fear of opening gnaws at me.


3) I went to my brother's house and we drove the long way back to mine in his car. I noticed I felt safe standing beside my brother who is as tall as a man. I remembered how we used to despise each other, fight, scrambling for an upper hand when younger, how when he moved away I began to adore him.


4) I decided I should ask somebody quick to tell me they are alive and doing things, anybody. I'm at the computer writing an essay about myself again. It seems like all I have been doing for seven million hundred years is writing essays about myself. At this point I am becoming unsure that any other human being really exists.

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Aethelflaed said...

1. Eccentric profs are the best!
2. Oooh. Any chance of getting the notebook back? I once lent someone my class notes before realizing there were things in the margins that weren't fit for public consumption. It made me sad.
3. My oldest sister used to hate me. That is not an exaggeration by any means. Then she got married and moved out...and strangely, made me the godmother of her child. It's strange how moving away can repair relationships.
4. I know I had a comment for 4, but I forget it.