Apr 14, 2008

Sonatina gets caffeinated

I've got a headache. I've had it for about three days. It isn't unpleasant. Basically I haven't gone to sleep yet. It was the coffee. I really hadn't drank a drop for 5 years. I quit at 13. I never liked coffee anyway. I only started drinking it at 9 years old because everyone else did. It was in. It was le chique le cool. It was disgusting. I hate coffee, I would say victoriously during those five years when anyone offered, nope, don't want any don't need it, stunt your own growth if you please. I gave that up years ago.
Then on Sunday I picked up my sister's cup and downed it. Then I had another one.

And I've been awake. And I really liked it.

It was bitter and dark and nice.

I also like the little voice in my head that's all like, whoooohoo all the time.

Now this whole rediscovering coffee thing has me wondering. What else has been self deception? Do I really hate ketchup too? Why does the state of Illinois repulse me anyway? Is pop music from the 80's all that bad? Is Spongebob Squarepants really the greatest cartoon on earth after all and I've been missing out the entire time?


Aethelflaed said...

Don't give in! Spongebob is NOT the greatest cartoon!!!!!

Christina said...

who lives in a pineapple under the Sea, I! can't! hear! you!