Mar 19, 2008

Not so yay

The night before last I had a dream that the pond flooded, muddy swirling water and I was wading down in it deeper and deeper with not a single thought of danger.
It has been raining all over the insides of your country, dear Americans, for about three days and in my state the rivers and creeks and streams are swelling. I watched it on The News for a while last night. I don't like watching The News because I know I will end up either feeling mad or sad or bad. This time it made me feel bad because I walked in the rain and nine people died in it.
But then, they say the Drought is decidedly eliminated.


And now there is just this: that I will walk through storms and love the rain. I will trespass just for Violets. I will go I will go and I will not ever stop. Sometimes t is the only way to keep my head well, to keep the bad things away. Sometimes it takes being in danger to remember that you are safe.

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