Feb 14, 2008

Valentine's day still

To love is what we knew

to be born and remember what we were born to do, to pick the sweet pale flowers, the forgotten gifts to say to them I love you and there is room here for you

right here for you and me and you and you too.

to learn to say soon to questions of when, and to love and love until we hardly can breathe;

||| if we began to live, what would that be like?


Was everyone's day sweet?

Mine was.


I do love you .


I think the world is marvelous.


Important Note:

It is possible I think the world is marvelous
because all I have eaten for one whole day is chocolate
and more chocolate and some almonds
which were (of course) in the chocolate.


In fact I am eating more chocolate right now.


I have excuses for this behavior besides it being Valentine's Day that I do not care to detail now, as they may detract from the warm comfortable effect I was going for here.
Also I am posting absentmindedly and in a great hurry because I have to go tutor my very favorite foulmouthed and disrespectful dropout children. Ta ta.

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