Jan 17, 2008

Lady sings the blues

No dreams of snow and wolves no dreams of fear. Vividly in my sleep I saw all the dearest people in my life and was happy in dreaming, until I saw one walk away and a door shut and I saw my own eyes hurt. I asked why and I woke up fighting the waking, wanting to know.

Dusting of morning snow, the 12 year old and the I on our knees on the couch watching through the window and I said I've never seen snow that small before, it's like powdered sugar. He said Oh God's eating breakfast and I told him God doesn't eat powdered sugar for breakfast, and he said yeah. He eats sinners. I don't know why but I thought He would eat Raisin Bran, if He eats at all which I am told He doesn't.

Company comin' - dust the Spinet, make the tea, smooth our hair down, you then me. Snow melts while grownups talk. Nanny the loud children with sweet red haired Hattie beside, jimmy the bedroom door for the little boy that locks himself in places alone. Wish them well, thanks for coming by, your children are lovely, thank you, goodbye. Quiet now in faint diaper scented air, supper sounds, Regina Spektor singing take a look around no regrets no regrets, weekend coming, more cold on the way.

Off to class.

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