Jan 28, 2008

here is the last straw

A few days ago I read something where a man in Salfords, Surrey built a castle on his land and because the borough council had repeatedly turned down his application to build a home on his farm he hid it, a little dream castle complete with ramparts and turrets and conservatory and bridges and cannon, hid it behind walls of hundreds of hay bales and under a tarpaulin, for about seven years

Now the council wants it torn down because of no planning permissions

Perhaps this is what the cannon is for?

They lived there for four years his wife little son and he, and their son had just turned one and soon friendly birds came and hid there too, in the hay bank nesting and hatching - and he says, a very uninteresting view out our windows turned to a fascinating garden and all sorts of visitors

Bravo, man in Salfords

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