Jan 7, 2008

Column on column comes the drenching rain

I took this about an hour ago, outside in a blow as I always am and watching and running and laughing as I always am because I can't help it - storms make me crazy, and this was the first one in months so I was ten times as crazy and stayed out despite the weatherman's Warning and the advancing black sky and the wind howling and Mum howling Christina get in here damn you! I apologized later for being a foolish and irresponsible person that doesn't act her age but, well, I got the photo. The way I told her as she was dragging us all into the basement was there are going to be dangerous things, Mum, but if it's beautiful somebody has to PHOTO IT.
Not you she almost cried. Then I was sorry and wished I didn't break her heart so much. She accepted my apology. And she swears she didn't swear at me but I have witnesses.

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runnerfrog said...

I thank you the picture, is one of those things I never see, because I'm under my bed, and I'd have sweared too, but from down there.