Dec 4, 2007

Very like a whale

Or, The Humorous Effects of Sleep Deprivation

K hops around doing animal impersonations.

C: Hmmm... you are... you are... oh you're an... umm... okapi?

K: I'm a FROG.

O: An okapi, what is that, like a cross between a mountain goat and something, isn't it?

C: Well, no, I think it's sort of an African gazelle-zebra-ish thing...

O: Oh, so it's like a cantaloupe?


C: Yeah.



runnerfrog said...

Cantaloupes, antelopes, okapis, Alfie's, :-) all of them surely have something reticulated, ungulated, striped, who can keep all that data in the mind, thing is finding what is eatable and what not.
By the way, stop impersonating frogs, K. They'll inherit the earth, don't like mockings, and they are very vindictive.

Christina said...

Oh, I will dutifully pass the warning along, though I doubt it will be received. I must warn you of her wickedly mischievous nature - although you may already know of that - since she inherited it from me.