Dec 7, 2007

Is this a bad time

it didn't snow it didn't snow it didn't snow it didn't snow.........

yes it did.

Now listen. Don't say oh for a White Christmas, don't say you envy me, and don't you ever say it's pretty, it's not pretty not when it's like this half melting and sticky and shrouding like it is. But enough of that. Actually you may say what you wish, I just want to sleep. For days I've slept and wanted to sleep and half fallen asleep watching a marathon of birthing shows on TLC thinking Oh my God how awful maybe I'll only have 12 instead of 13 and then I wake back up and the tv family is home with a little soft baby in a little soft blanket and he fits right into their chests between their ribs and on their hearts and I think oh only one would be enough and I drift off a little and I think: and then 12 more.

Here I would like to apologize to all I owe e-mail to. I will still probably owe you e-mails weeks from now. Now don't worry, it's not you it's me blah blah blah but seriously; I am very ill, you should know. The great thing is I've found loads of great and informative websites where I can jolly diagnose myself all day long let's see so far I've definitely got Seasonal Affective Disorder and of course ADD with Hyperactivity plus I tend to suffer from chronic stress and and perfectionism (who knew that was a disease) and dysthymia and hypomania which means probably also cyclothymia and then there's the A Word. If you don't understand what all this means, here it is simply: you really don't want me to e-mail you.

That's all.

Oh and happy 1/31 of Beethoven's Birthday.

Oh..... and have a holly jolly rotten Christmas.


runnerfrog said...

But seriously who would not want anytime your e-mails from the distance, or hug you in person, I think.

What a long birthday, that's cool; people should never fix a date for its admiration. This is one of those times when the uncertainty works better.

In those same regards, I've had better days than any christmas when I've reached a heart; who in its right mind would program that with a festivity. ;-) But as a happy present day is wished from the heart, I wish you a happy christmas too.

runnerfrog said...

... or much better, a happy Beethoven's birthday, since it last longer. :-)

Christina said...

danke for the latter, and too for the former though it's bloody unlikely
but hug in person, no, I like you too much and didn't you read the part that said I might be catching.
Thank you for kindness.
When I finally get up your email will be the first.


PS - Last three letters of word verification: shh. yes. good night.

Arwen said...

ha ha ha... I always thought 17 was a good number... for kids that is... I might be crazy, but didn't God say be fruitful and multiply? Until then I live vicariously through TLC shows too... only they seem to not be running those ones very much right now... geesh... don't they know we don't like the tattoo shows? LMAO...

Christina said...

E.! You're back!
He did say be fruitful and multiply, and also Thou shalt not insert pigment into thy dermis for thy warped decorative purposes, or was that in the Koran.
Besides the baby shows I like to watch What Not To Wear, it makes me feel so deliciously guilty.