Dec 12, 2007

From Iceworld

On Saturday December 8th a strong, cold high pressure system moved from Canada into the Great Plains. This high pressure system brought some very cold air streaming into the Midwest and Great Plains regions. At 200 PM on Saturday December 8th, temperatures ranged from the mid 30s in Southeast Missouri to the upper teens in Northeast Missouri. As this cold air was settling in across the Bi-State region, a low pressure system developed over the southern plains which drew copious amounts of Gulf moisture up and over the cold air which was locked in at the surface. Sub-freezing temperatures across the northern 2/3s of the Bi-State Region combined with this overrunning warm and moist air provided the perfect setup for freezing rain.

From here. It means the weather stinks. John the Weather Man sent me the link. He said he saw it and thought HEY! I RECOGNIZE THAT TREE and sure enough I look and two of my photos ended up on the NOAA website, thanks to my beloved snoopy Mum.

If you've read this already, or this, or this, you know why I haven't written. In case you haven't, do, and for your negligence I have also composed a brief narration of recent events. Run away.


runnerfrog said...

The news about the sorrowful weather in your region has been spreaded worlwide on TV for days, but it is your life in the igloo the one which concerns me. ;-) ;-)

Tai said...

Those trees covered in gleaming, deadly ice--the images are both terrifying and beautiful. I am sorry about your beloved ash trees. I have been known to cry for trees too. And I am glad you are safe inside that igloo.

Christina said...

Thank you both.