Nov 2, 2007

In the beginning

Not every word has a colour but many do and November is rich pumpkin. Frost is cold light blue with no capital b. I left at 9:00 this morning to go see Mr. Brown who was really not brown at all but rather pale, and I took a locator test - that insultment to any mind past 3rd grade, and I filled a form and I mmmhmmed over some books and that was that, and now starting Tuesday evening I may go by my GED tutor title and the "former" designations "shall pass away". Met up with The Weatherman and Weatherman's friend for lunch and talking neither of which I did much of. I will never understand brothers and most boys and their enchantment with motors encased in metal and loud exploding revving things, never. Or the imbecilic music. At least that is what they call it. Music, I mean. The imbecilic part was mine.

Dropped some things at Goodwill today too. The boys working the drop-off were not the usual boys that work the drop-off, the I-would-rather-be-out-committing-ruthless-homicides boys. These boy were having a loud friendly jabbing argument the kind you can tell they have every day. THE WORLD IS ONLY TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OLD, said the one with hair in his eyes who looked about seventeen but could have been twenty-five since I couldn't see enough of his face to tell. The other boy laughed at him and said he was an idiot. And the older smaller black man answered me No, we don't get any work done around here because basically this is what we do all day and he fairly twinkled like that was all right and it must have been, because if the world really was created twenty-five years ago then he was around to see it and certainly knew what he was talking about.

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