Nov 29, 2007

Give me today

Three days down with lone fever bitter headache achey shakey cold. When I knew I was going to die I sent deep and sorrowful farewell letters to all my friends friend. Heard they she laughed. I'm so weird.

The Pathetique started following me in the dark, perhaps only because I was sick - but I am getting well now and I wont give up on it - when I didn't feel better but at least my hands didn't shake I crept to the Spinet with my blankie close around me but only could play Brahms, softly. Brahms over and over and again. nothing else was right.


Most appropriate sky for convalescing, God. Clear but 30°. Thank you for blue.
A fat jay plopped just now on the tree out the window across from me - he jumps around very pompous trying to frighten the sparrows but they are quicker and lighter and know it. The Great Bird Flock has come and going. It hasn't snowed yet. I think it is waiting to snow on Beethoven's birthday. No one knows exactly when Beethoven's birthday is so when it is December again we I will celebrate it all month long.

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