Oct 1, 2007

September at last, I presume

It is a fine bright day. It was a fine dark night. I sat on the low wall in the dark for a bit, munching something, swinging my feet, watching the west flash with Lightning, listening to deep thunder roll in, the gnomes at ninepins last night. The wind was up all day long all night long making the trees frantic and the dust scoop itself like Hands. It's calmed down today. A fine bright day. Good for climbing trees.
Didn't blog much last week. Besides having nothing of merit to say, I am still practicing. Today I went to T of the Beautiful Piano's house to get a feel for the Mozart on a grand and so I got after a while, but somehow all that is left on my fingers now is the feel of a Granados Danza Espanola which I started playing almost absentmindedly. The Mozart was beautiful but the Granados was so beautiful my fingers thought they surely were making it up as they went nobody could have possibly played this this way before and lived to write it down. But ahem as I was saying, the Mozart. Yes, I have focused on this nearly every waking/sleeping/walking/starving moment for 4 weeks which is a new previously thought impossible record for me focusing yee-haw. I didn't have an aim before which is probably why I was flitting which is probably why I didn't get anywhere which is probably why I didn't like myself.

Audition in one week.

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