Oct 26, 2007

On a rainy day, Beethoven plays

quietly g C D Eb - F D - Eb C-- fourthfingernow d'C c thumb C D fourth again f'Eb thumb D Eb F G! changGe! G! F G fgAb! da, Eb F EbfG! da, C-D-Eb, Eb-F-D, D-Eb-C. F G Tall! now, Eb F Tall! now, andagain and again and a gain. crescendo here and on and up and up la! la-a-a and down and down again and here, la! lo-o-o and down and down until a C, tRiLl, up, and THERE!

Ever since I was little there has always been music in my head.


runnerfrog said...

Thats a lot of cursing for a piano piece :-P But yes, sometimes those G-M*T#! compose very hard things to play lol

Christina said...

I will tell you this, Cristian, I too had no idea there could be cursing in a piano piece until I met Beethoven.


runnerfrog said...

Try Liszt then and you will earn the "Trucker's Mouth Music Award" :-)

Christina said...

What a disgraceful thing to suggest! there are far too many children's ears in this house for Liszt.