Oct 19, 2007

Happy Windsday

It's deceptively calm now. tricksy tricksy tricksy. Two nights I have had to close the windows against the wind to keep it from gusting in and carrying me out. I have to sleep, I say. I walked already. I walk every night now. I watch everything that comes. Lightning, rain, tornadoes, galing winds. And then I say good-night, climb down from the roof and hope it all comes again tomorrow. On the Weather Channel which I am watching they say Saturday forecast is beautiful, beaming, bright, boring. Blech. That's why I don't watch the Weather Channel. I watch thunderstorms, and Pooh Bear.

"Oh the wind is lashing lusterly
and the trees are thrashing thrusterly
and the leaves are rustling gusterly

so it's rather safe to say
that it seems that it may turn out to be
it feels that it will undoubtedly

looks like a rather blustery day today"

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