Oct 30, 2007

falling back and a few other things

I was so tired today I walked my barefoot self to the west Ash and fell asleep in the fallen leaves with max and the autumn sunshine. It was peaceful like a cloud and warm. The tree is almost bare now. You can hear leaves fall one by one while you sleep. Or I can. Autumn is tinged with the wistful.

Also, fallen leaves smell like honey.

I stayed at L's Sunday and yesterday. There is a small abandoned quarry place near her house with great tall cliffs that semicircle a swampy cove and there is also a rusty bridge. I'm so jealous of her cliffs and bridge that I would have kicked her dog and ran away if she didn't know where I lived. When it was dark we built a fire and talked about the moon and sang Blue Moon and watched the moon rise then pranced danced around the fire like satellites ourselves. The wonderful thing about being my age is that I don't ever have to be my age at all.

Now it is quite dark and I have had Flash inside from the cold for a while. My dog and I are studying math and eating mini marshmallows and vanilla tea. Ok, we were before I gave it up for blogging. Ok, he wasn't doing any studying at all, but he does like my choice of a Tuesday supper. The house is very silent except for thoughts, but I have been thinking for a while about two new Voices of long-had friends and about L and the moon, and I wonder how I could have ever been alone.


As an aside, I wish someone would please please please tell me that I wasn't the only who forgot about last year's extension to DST and set my little clock back an hour on Saturday night and won't soon live it down.


Tai said...

Mini marshmallows and vanilla tea...that sounds divine!

Christina said...

It really was heavenly, Tai, in a one-more-and-I'll-be-sick sort of way.