Oct 11, 2007


I have been at work on K's Birthday Present since I woke up this morning. Actually I have been technically working on it since I went to bed last night because at night when I'm trying to sleep is when I do most of my thinking. So far today I have finished step 1. there are at least 14 steps I've thought of so far. I probably should have started last week, but I didn't have any ideas last week because all my night thinking time was taken up with dreams. I had too many dreams, probably a thousand a night. The most terrible interesting one was the one when my sisters and I were traveling to Afghanistan and the way we traveled was a method using underground tunnels and classical music. When we listened to a piece we would emerge from the ground on the same spot it had been written. We had a whole list of songs to get to Afghanistan. I asked my older sister why we couldn't simply listen to the last song and be there instead of hopping randomly all over the world. She laughed at such a ridiculous question. Somehow every place we came out was desert, beautiful ochre desert. When we were halfway there I ran all the way home to get my camera only to find there was no film and WalMart was closed. I came back to the tunnels to find that O had gone on with S and without me; they left the list of songs and my own tunnel and I was so angry at her for splitting us up I didn't know if I was going to find the way myself. I woke before I knew if either of us ever reached Afghanistan.


Arwen said...

This sounds kind of like some books my kids read from time to time... I think it's the Tree House series... where the two main characters open up the pages of a book and disappear into the pictures. This take on it is definately personalized!! But why Afghanistan?

Christina said...

I do that with books all the time. In fact it is amazing that you say it now, because I think this is one of those cases. I recently read Michener's Caravans, and I think Afghanistan has been in me since then. Somehow in his writing he has a way of making you fall in love with the country, a country I never would have thought of falling in love with before.