Sep 10, 2007

oh, bugger

I realized this morning that I will have to share my Piano. Always before my little student stooge sister person was playing - as in playing a fluff sort of playing - and she couldn't have cared when I would wick her away like a fly when I had to play as in PLAY (not that I ever did that or anything) but now she is beginning to feel. Now it is starting to be Real. She is not playing what I prescribe or doing anything I say, no, she is making it up and playing playing playing. I don't know if she got it from me or the super cool Jonathan kid or if it is really just from inside or what but every morning for days she's been doing this and finally today I asked her what do you feel? and she said Cool! never stopping her spontaneous inventing. It does feel pretty cool. It is cool when you are in the moment of discovering all the things you didn't know that you didn't know. Later she said You can play now I think I've got it all out of me. She doesn't know better than that, yet. But at least I got my Spinet back, just for me all mine. for a while.

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