Sep 19, 2007

Not much to cheer about

Last night Philly took the lead in the 10th. We came back with one to tie again so the game went on. and on. and on. and on. I fell half asleep and missed the top of the 12th. Sometime near mid-13th I fell all the way asleep. At 1AM I woke up really confused is it over? am I asleep? what are those voices? and it was and I was and they were reruns of jarring talk show hosts so I somehow got up and somehow turned off the radio and somehow climbed into bed too gone to wonder the outcome; and then there is today when all the news is PHILLIES SCORE THREE IN TOP OF 14th TO OUTLAST THE FLOUNDERING CARDINALS.

We've lost 12 of the last 13 games. There are a few things I don't understand. I don't quite understand why I still stay up late at night and listen to game after game from the floor in the dark even though I am tired. And I don't quite understand why Baseball is so important.

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