Sep 24, 2007

Can't trust that day

I figure it will be September at least by October or thereabouts. I want fall. I don't want fall. My negative vibes toward the A/C actually worked in putting it out of service for a lovely 29 hours or however long it took Robert Repair to come and put it back in proper order, proper cold working order. I started climbing trees again. It is a good way to stay out of the house and hidden in the day warm for long periods of time and to look out for approaching storms and approaching autumns and to pretend heaving ships and rocking cradles. Or to just sit and listen. Most of the time I think about how life is a tightrope and how it is probably best to be barefoot and about how and if I am going to get out of this tree without falling and dying. So far I have every time, but there's always today.

I am practicing not seldomly. The music is not light on my mind. That's litotes if you're interested. It really means I am surely becoming a practicing fiend and hear the Mozart even in my half dreams and somehow it is never the whole rondo through, no, always one section of it over and over and over and over, why? is there a Ceaseless Repeat sign I missed? is there such a thing as a Ceaseless Repeat sign?

Audition in two weeks.

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