Aug 23, 2007

There and back again

So it had been almost two weeks since last. I'm home. I was always home. It stormed twice and rained three times, I lost a tea mug my mind and a friend - I found a quiet pianist, new Norah music, and a pretty place to walk; I saw my grandparents, we sang a song and found the ring and I do want to tell you about all that but I know what you really want to hear is about my Spinet and all its inner parts. I worked at the dreary job for 4 days and Mr A said well Christina whatcha gonna do with your money this time? Sink it into the Piano, said I and when I find his number, Mr Kenneth shall be coming for some serious regulation and if the operation goes well my G won't be clicky and my keys won't be mushy, anymore. And perhaps my pedal can be fixed too, though I probably would have worked at the dreary job for 5 days if I'd remembered about that. I would have done that because I love my old broken Piano and would do almost anything for her to love me back.

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