Aug 11, 2007

No time to blog

And the days show no sign of slowing up or down, one twirls into another like we used to toddle into pirouettes. The free times are for freedom; they are as precious as my Keys and I am nearly as jealous of them. In them I am running as furiously as the summer and I don't know when I'll stop.

1 comment:

Miztlahui from Mexico said...

Your magic fingers can save lifes... your love enter in the souls by hearing... not just hearing... so... HEARING!!!!

Piano says: Would you love me evrery day?
What you say about it?

I know you can send those magic chords, all those magic sounds, every note, every bar to all the universe.
Thank you for beeing a musician... we need more dream makers in this hurt world.

Saludos desde Mexico amiga.