Jul 13, 2007


I wonder sometimes whether he knows I'm there or not. His greatest joy is running, exploring - he puts his nose to the wind for a taut moment, he smiles a gleeful smile and then he is off. When we do start out together, it lasts for as long as I can keep step with the essence of sprightliness. Soon he is here! there!! If I'm lucky, I hear the familiar roadside rustling but oftentimes don't see him for miles, no matter how frequent my useless summons.

The problem, you see, is a very complexly simple one - somehow that dog is far too much like me.
We go to wander, to adventure, move and to be. Our obedience may be lacking, but the delight we find in the Sunshine and the joy splashing down with the Rain: boundless...

So I understand not to be upset with him on a walk when I miss Bear's closeness and devotion;
and I know that the best thing to do when he makes me want to laugh... is to laugh.


Tai said...

That pup is probably thinking, Where is she? Why is she dawdling back there? Does she have to sniff every single flower and tree? She's so easily distracted!

Christina said...

Probably thinking too: Why does she insist on taking photos of me, even when it's just my butt? I don't get it at all! Oh well! Silly human! Look, a butterfly! Must ingest it!