Jul 6, 2007


There is music everywhere, on the Piano on the floor on my mind on the ceiling. Everyone is gone today, except the boys which is alright because they only watch TV and so there is no one but the Angels to think it funny when I lay my head on the keys and smile-sigh-cry-groan. I played for hours and hours, evening until night yesterday and I guess today I am picking up where I paused. Something gave with the Chopin last night - an incredible quick feeling when you finally begin to know you are getting it - "look, we have come through!"

A while ago I listened to the third movement of (Moonlight) Sonata Quasi una Fantasia seven times in a row, lying on my back with the piano thrilling and throbbing and I supposed I lay under it while Beethoven played his beautiful passion out, and the Countess Giulietta listened, and the Countess's father was in debtor's prison, being without rank, fortune or permanent employ. My angels smiled at me. I can't stop for that. After seven times it gave me a heartache and I turned it off and went back to the Piano and I played Mozart until it went away.

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