Jun 30, 2007

I couldn't help but fall in love with him. Before I was a thought in his mind, I was loving him and I know when we met, he smiled. It was so long ago. For me he had a tiny name and a hug when he said I looked like a little angel in my dress. I didn't forget - daughters do not.

We have not spoken for three days now and I say inside myself that no matter what hurt there is, I have the father I was meant to have -
when I do not understand, I remember how much I love his eyes when he smiles and his face when he sings.

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Arwen said...

No matter what hurt there is... you are the person you are today in part because of all the things he was there for, and all the things he wasn't, because of who he is and who he is not... imagine how much worse it would be for us children if we had perfect parents... for then we would expect perfection of ourselves.